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Hassle-free Automated

Horse Matching Service. Let our proprietary algorithm do the work for you.

The Artemis Experience

Sale horses delivered right to your inbox. Any discipline. Any price. Privately share your horse for sale & easily share prospective horses to your clients & veterinarians. ​

Find My Horse

Find my horse - Horse Matching for $19.95/year


Regardless of discipline, Artemis will provide daily matches as soon as a horse is listed with your criteria. We help trainers save money and generate more bottom line revenue. 

Sell My Horse - $49/year


Trainers and clients can list unlimited horses for $49 on our platform. To get priority matches, 

upgrade your horse for $99. 

Sell My Horse

Sale Barn Program - $124/year


Sale Barns receive priority services to find horses for their clients easily and sell horses faster. Contact us to join our "Members Only" program.

Our Services

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Looking to Buy?
Get Matched Today

Fill out our ISO horse search & get matched to a horse for FREE 

Every discipline. Every price.

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Looking to Sell?
List for Free

List your horse for free

Every discipline.

Every price.

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Want To Advertise?

Every email sent has advertisement linking to your product or service. Click below to view our media kit

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$19.95 Buyers

Regardless of the discipline, Artemis will provide matches to you daily when as soon as a horse is listed. We help trainers save money & generate more bottom line revenue. 

$49 For Sellers*

Trainers & Clients can list as many horses for free on our platform. To get priority matches, upgrade a horse for $99 to be the first in line with a buyer

Sale Barn Program

Sale barns receive priority services to find horses for their clients easily & sell their horses fastest. Contact to join our "Members Only" program.


Board of Advisors


Tara Swersie

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Nicole Lakin

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Dr. Brianna Gohman


Who We Work With

Who We Work With


Hannah Holik
Competitive Rider

“The equestrian community needed an online platform to connect elite barns, trainers, riders, and horses. Artemis fills the void we have been missing in our network capabilities, especially in times where in-person meetings are declining”


Samantha Chody

“The selling process with Artemis was easy and enjoyable. The horse we listed sold in 3 days - way faster than anticipated! I am happy with my experience and recommend Artemis to others who are trying to sell their horses. This platform is creating a simple yet high-end experience for the horse community”

Lyra V

"I love how Artemis saves SO much time. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent searching around online trying to find horses that don't even remotely meet the specifications that I'm looking for. This process was quick, precise, and on point to what I have been searching for! I am excited to learn more about my horsey match!"

  • How are horse matches charged?
    It's free to subscribe to our horse matching emails as a buyer. Sellers can pay a $100/yr priority upgrade if they choose to have faster matches to their horse
  • When am I notified when I receive a match?
    As a Buyer, you can get a match instantly as soon as you submit! Thereafter it's a daily horse match depending on how specific/broad your request is As a Seller, you will get an email as soon as the Buyer choose to select "Get Matched" with your horse
  • Can I advertise my business in your horse match emails?
    Yes, email us at or contact us at 561-206-4339 with your proposal
  • Is it free to list my sale horse?
    Yes! All sale horse listings for Sellers are free! Sale barns are invited to join our Members Only Program. Email us at to learn more
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