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We gained an intimate perspective on the show-jumping world from summers spent grooming and years as riders, and we know that the behind-the-scenes moments of a major event can be just as compelling as the arenas’ intense action when telling the story of a rider’s competitive journey. We take the photos of our clients that we would want of ourselves.

Our background uniquely informs the way we photograph our private clients. When a client canters into the ring at Spruce Meadows or the Winter Equestrian Festival and every show in-between, we’re not just capturing a round of fences. Instead, we’re working with light and shadow to create contrasty images as dramatic as the moments unfolding: that last, deep breath before entering the arena; the adrenaline over that last jump-off fence; your team’s elation as you leave the ring; the exquisite stillness of cooling down at sunset.

When you hire Boss Mare Media to cover your horse show experience, you get two photographers that are equally dedicated to you. Because there are two of us and we have a limited number of clients, we rarely miss a moment. A majority of the time, you get two photographers for every moment unfolding - this ensures the best, most detailed coverage possible.

Private client availability is limited to ensure impeccable service. Throughout your weeks of coverage, you’ll have an extra cheer section riding every stride with you, your horses gain a new biggest fan, and you’ll unwind each night with the day’s freshly delivered images, encapsulating all those moments you’ve worked so hard to experience.



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